Handi-Riders of Northern California

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Horse Angels

    The horses used in our Therapeutic Riding Programs are very special animals. Typically they come to us as mature horses, but there are exceptions. It does not take long for our clients to form a special bond with "their horse". 

     This page is a tribute to the special horses that have served or clients and as Elizabeth says below, has gone on to "greener pastures".


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     Chett was a nice, older horse who worked at Handi-Riders for four years. He was slow, but he was kind. I had never ridden a horse at Handi-Riders before. Chett made my dream of horses and learning to ride them grow and come true. He challenged me, but I loved him and riding even more for it. Chett was a good buddy to Patriot, another Handi-Riders horse. Chett worked with and helped many students and was greatly loved. May he always have those greener pastures.

Elizabeth A.