Handi-Riders of Northern California

How to Help Us:

     When you donate money to Handi-Riders, you can make a general donation that will be used where it is needed most, or you can select a specific area and have your donation applied there. You can also donate your time by volunteering to help.

Listed below are the general areas of need.

Volunteering at Handi-Riders:

Handi-Riders needs and appreciates volunteers in several areas of our program.

The greatest need for volunteers is during our fall, spring and summer sessions. During these lessons, volunteers serve as either sidewalkers or leadwalkers.


Leadwalkers are responsible for leading the horse during lessons. Leadwalkers are focusing mainly on the horse but work closely with sidewalkers and the rider to provide an environment that enables the rider to become as independent as possible.


Sidewalkers walk alongside the horse and rider to assist the rider with balance if needed and help with following the instructor's directions. The sidewalker serves as an extension of the instructor. Volunteers should be at least 15 years of age, mature and reliable and able to walk for 45 minutes. Volunteers can commit to as little as one hour per week or more. Individuals who cannot sign up for a specific time each week for the duration of our session can still serve as back-up volunteers in case one of our regular volunteers is unable to work.This often works well for people with varying schedules. Training Day attendance is required for all first-time volunteers. Dates and times for training in spring and fall will be announced before the start of session.

if you are interested in volunteering or have further questions about volunteer opportunities please email us at volunteers@Handi-Riders.org or call 530-533-5333.

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To allow staff and instructors to continue to stay current with safety and instruction methods that enhance the Handi-Riders program.

Herd Maintenance:

To ensure the health and fitness of the horses used in the Handi-Riders program by having routine farrier and veterinarian check-ups and to buy hay, feed supplements and grooming aids.


To pay for ranch maintenance, office supplies and equipment and special adaptive equipment for riders and other operational expenses.

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To provide the opportunity for less fortunate individuals to participate in the Handi-Riders program. You can provide a Full Scholarship - ($250.00 per eight week session) or a Half Scholarship - ($125.00 per eight week session) or you can make a donation in any amount which would be very much appreciated and will provide a Partial Scholarship.

Wish List Items: 

FACILITY:                                                  ANY AMOUNT


  • PORTABLE SADDLE RACKS          $200  approx.   $50ea. x 4
  • MATS FOR STALLS                           $1,911  approx.   $69ea. x 27
  • LEVEL OUTDOOR ARENA              $5,000
  • TACK ROOM                                       $5,000
  • ARENA ELECTRICAL                       $12,000
  • CLASS ROOM                                    $14,500
  • BATH ROOM                                       $22,000
  • ARENA LEAN-TO-STALLS               $39,500

ADOPT A HORSE:                                       ANY AMOUNT


  • YEARLY COST PER SHOEING       $2,200  all inclusive
  • SHOEING                                             $85  per,  due every 6 weeks
  • YEARLY VACCINATIONS                  $250
  • HAY                                                        $1,000
  • SUPPLEMENTS                                  $350
  • MISC.                                                     $315
  • TACK                                                     $500

ADOPT A RIDER:                                         ANY AMOUNT


  • 8-WEEK SESSION                           $250.00
  • 4-WEEK SESSION                           $130.00
  • HOURLY/GROUP                             $31.25
  • HOURLY/PRIVATE                           $50.00

PROGRAM:                                                 ANY AMOUNT


  • HORSES FOR HEROES                 $1,200  education, documentation, accreditation
  • LIFT                                                     $5,000

LESSON SUPPLIES:                                   ANY AMOUNT

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Donation Form

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